• Added a way to show a setter that you liked their crossword ❤️


  • Added an account section so you can update your name and password
  • Email addresses must now be validated before creating crosswords, etc.
  • "Fixed" solutions not loading by waiting a second before loading them. I'll fix it properly at some point but that should be good enough for now.
  • Rewrote the logic that handles key-presses. This should solve the problems people were having on mobile.
  • Updated the guide.
  • Just generally tidied up a bit


  • Remade the grid to be more flexible in preparation for adding more features. Fixed and caused a few bugs in the process.


  • If, when editing a crossword, down and across clues put two different letters in the same cell, it will be highlighted in red and will not allow you to save.


  • Clues are now greyed out once a solution is entered


  • Logged in users can now add encouraging and helpful comments below crosswords.
  • Fixed a bug where spoiler text was not clickable


  • Added crossword preview images
  • Made the optional intro...optional.


  • We wrote a guide for noobs!
  • Added an option intro text to crosswords so that setters can explain themselves.
  • Fixed styles when in dark mode.
  • Improved the menu on mobile.


  • The site now has its own domain: theseangryphrases.com. Update your bookmarks accordingly!
  • We also have a Twitter account. Tell your friends! There will be announcements about new crosswords and updates to the site.


  • You can now click a button top-right when viewing or editing any crossword to create a new crossword using the same layout.

2021-03-28 Part II:

  • Fixed another bug preventing solutions from being updated.


  • Fixed another bug preventing solutions from being saved to the server.
  • Made the crosswords on this page be in the right order.
  • Made WIP crosswords show WIP instead of "No" because that looked a bit weird.


  • Progress is now stored to the server. For real this time.


  • Progress is now stored to the server, so you can log in on another computer and continue where you left off. Progress will still be stored in your browser if you're not logged in and should be pushed to the server next time you're working on a crossword.


  • Fixed unpublished crosswords not being editable. Thank you to the excellent beeta testers for efficiently finding all of the problems!


  • Updated how publishing and URLs work. Now all crosswords will be sequentially numbered based on when they were published. Unpublishing and republishing will not change this order, so only publish when you're ready. You can still give your crosswords a title but it will only display on the page, not in the URL.
  • Tidied up the editor page.


  • Updated this page layout. Look! Two columns!
  • Fixed page titles (in tabs/window names and browsing history).
  • Grids now have clue numbers.
  • Selected clues are now highlighted when editing crosswords.
  • Solutions now always show when editing crosswords.
  • When editing, clue lists are collapsible
  • When you log in you no longer don't get a 404 message.
  • The anagram helper now focuses on the input when it appears so you don't have to click every time because that wa annoying.
  • You can now put it all of the letters in the anagram helper, not just the missing ones. Because that was really annoying.
  • Sometimes when editing solutions would have underscores in them when. Fixed that.
  • When you add a new clue it has an underscore as a placeholder for the clue so you don't have to type "tbc" or whatever you were doing.
  • Links to crosswords on a setter's profile page now go to the right place.


  • Added a little celebration.


  • Fixed the issue where checking clues would clear some correct letters.
  • Fixed using underscores when editing crosswords.
  • Made clicking clue text place the cursor in the first letter.
  • Made setter's name clickable so you can find their other crosswords.
  • Made a lot of small cosmetic improvements.


  • I've completely re-written the crossword grid code from scratch. There may be bugs but it's for the best in the long term.
  • I've added clear/reveal/check buttons and even an anagram helper.